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SwisSQL - Sybase to Oracle Migration Tool helps you migrate Sybase Adaptive Server Transact-SQL Procedures, Views and Triggers to Oracle PL/SQL language. When enterprises migrate from Sybase to Oracle, application migration is one of the tedious tasks and there are no good tools which can ease the process of migrating Sybase Stored Procedures to Oracle PL/SQL. Using SwisSQL - Sybase to Oracle Migration Tool and through SwisSQL's superior support, enterprises can realize significant time and cost savings during the migration and testing process. Main Features: - Option to generate Index Organized Tables in Oracle. - Configurability to separate the Constraint definitions from the Table definition so that the Oracle database can be built with ease (in that order) - Option to specify the TABLESPACE to be used for Tables and Indexes in Oracle while creating them. - Procedures, Views, Triggers, and other database components to Oracle PL/SQL. - Transact SQL built-in and user-defined datatypes to Oracle PL/SQL. - Sybase built-in functions conversion to corresponding Oracle PL/SQL functions. - Sybase SQL queries conversion to Oracle SQL queries. - Cursor declaration, OPEN, FETCH, CLOSE and DEALLOCATE statements. - Single Result-Set processing conversion from T-SQL to PL/SQL. - SELECT assignment statements. - T-SQL Conditional and Control statements. - EXECUTE / EXEC statements. - @@SQLSTATUS, @@ROWCOUNT, @@ERROR, @@LANGUAGE, @@MAX_CONNECTIONS, @@VERSION, and @@TRANCOUNT global variables. - Transact Temporary tables. - Transact T-SQL labels. - Transaction features such as COMMIT, ROLLBACK and SAVEPOINT. - Bitwise operators. - Database definitions (CREATE DATABASE.. construct). - User accounts (Logins) present in Sybase database into equivalent scripts in Oracle. - Option to customize the database object names while migrating the Sybase Transact-SQL scripts to Oracle PL/SQL. - Support for runtime customization of data types (mapping data types in Sybase to any preferred data type in Oracle) before conversion. - Support for handling the conversion of variable names with length greater than 30 characters. - Migration Assessment Tool : This new tool can be used to assess the complexity and percentage of automated conversion of the source Sybase Server database objects that needs to be migrated to Oracle. The detailed assessment reports generated by the tool will be helpful in arriving at an estimation for the migration project to be undertaken.

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